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If you are looking to buy a home here in Colorado but do not have the 20% down payment, we have the loan program for you.

We have 100% and 80/20 loan programs for borrower with FICO as low as 580 going Full Doc or 620 going stated/verified. Just when you thought it could get any easier to buy the home of your dreams! 100% Colorado Home Loans, might just have you in that home faster than you ever imagine. In today's economy, it is becoming more and more common to purchase a home with no money down. For the first time, a large number of lenders are offering 100% loans here in Colorado, even for Rural Properties, these no-down-payment loans are perfect for consumers with good to great credit. Below we have listed a few more notes about about the 100% Home Loans here. There are several loan options available and if this particular loan does not fit your needs , please take a moment to tour our site and view the other loan options we suggest.

  • Zero Down - buy your Colorado home with NO money down, zip nada, call and ask us how, even get the closing costs rolled into the loan
  • Little or no cash up front - 100% of the closing costs can come from a gift or other source, even seller concession
  • Less income required - expanded debt ratios makes it easier to qualify, DTI to 55%
  • Spotty credit history is OK.
  • Fixed rate colorado home financing and Colorado ARM's- enjoy the security of knowing what your monthly payments will be for the life of the loan or choose a loan product that will help you pay off the mortgage faster

    You can have 100% loans in Colorado with this great Zero Down option with little or NO CLOSING COSTS. This program is great for just about everyone that has a great credit history.

    Please use our online inquiry form or give us a call and talk to one of our experienced loan consultants today.


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